REmnants for sale

4.20m x 5.00m, 80% wool 20% pp, heavy domestic beige £150

2.30m x 4.00m, 80%wooll 20% pp, extra heavy domestic beige £90

4.50m x 4.00, pp twist, almond £80

6.10m x 4.00m berber loop pile pp brown with gold dot £110

5.00m x 4.00m chunky loop berber 3x beige colur tone pp £140

2.50m x 4.00m loop berber pp brown £30

5.50m x 4.00m lilac twist pile pp £95

4.00m x 4.00m square pattern loop pile pp cream with gold dot £80

5.00m x 4.00m pp twist dark brown £75

3.20m x 4.00m pp twist cream £55

4.10m x 4.00 mixed brown/beige berber loop £ 70 

All remnants are subject to v.a.t. 

payment can be made by debit/credit cards or cash. payment will be taken on collection or delivery.

local delivery is free. please contact us for details.



3.00m x 4.00m 80/20 wool mix (suit lounge) £100